Sitting in a podcast studio in Atlanta, SHAWN McBEE, JOSHUA BAKER and JEFF LEWIS read screenplays that never made it to the big screen. These screenplays are not made in advance, so the team has no idea what they’re going to be getting. But let’s face it: if someone got paid to write a screenplay and no one bothered to make it into a movie, there’s probably a reason. . .

While there is an occasional gem, most of these scripts to turn out to be pretty bad. . . but that’s part of the fun! Whether good or bad, these brave scriptonauts read and comment on the scripts, so that the world may know of the terror from which they have been spared. . .until now.

So dig in and enjoy(?) some of Hollywood’s lost treasures(?)!





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Have you been listening to this just because you want to hear us talk about big blue dick? You sick pervert. YOUR WISH IS GRANTED! This is the episode where we’re introduced to a not-flashback Dr. Manhattan, in all his naked glory! And, look, we’re...

It’s 1989. Alan Moore’s Watchmen is a commercial and critical success. Batmania is taking the nation by storm, ushering in a golden age for superhero movies. So there’s only one thing to do: Hire the Batman guy to write a script for Watchmen… and hire...

We have reached the end of our Batventure! While it’s tempting to tell you that this is the most bananas conclusion ever, the truth is that this final installment of the script sort of settles down. It’s still… weird… but it never again reached the...

Witness the full, uncompromising power of the BAT-MAN, as he takes on the entirety of the GCPD, while hobos burn around him, like the most demented level of some rejected Arkham Asylum game! This episode is almost wall-to-wall action of the most...

Having worked his way all the way to Gotham’s highest-ranking criminal, Bat-Man is shocked to discover that there is a deep conspiracy, and the real criminals are someone you’d never suspect! Unless you’ve ready any of the heavy-handed and childish...

Listener Feedback


"Table Reads is F***ing awesome! I absolutely love the concept, the chemistry that you have with the other hosts, and your voice acting talent. The entire time I was listening I was thinking damn I’d kill to be in that room with those guys reading and acting those terrible scripts. The only negative feedback I have is at some points it’s hard to tell what’s apart of the script and what’s just a joke. You certainly have a new subscriber here. Keep doing what you’re doing."

Ricardo Lugo

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"Hey! You guys do great work. My husband and I just finished listening to “Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian” and it was hilariously awful. I’m a big fan of the original movie and so happy that never saw the light of day. If you guys ever get your hands on the other proposed sequel “Beetlejuice in Love” that would be a great listen! Keep up the awesome stuff"

Facebook User Aly

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"Wonderful nerdcore concept (cold reading an unproduced genre screenplay) executed with loving enthusiasm by host Shawn and company. These guys have nice chemistry together and great comic instincts, so the riffing is terrific. They're also good voice actors, so the script reading alone is pretty entertaining! As a fan of genre movies, it's also fun (and sometimes mind blowing) to learn the incredible talent behind some of these scripts! Subbed!"


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"Stumbled across the podcast last week, and I've been loving it so far. I listened to the Carnivore and Back to the Future reads and both cracked me up. The show's a lot of fun ... Anyway, keep up the good work! I've already recommended the show to a few friends."

Jon West

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