118 – Sam Hamm’s Watchmen, Part 2

Have you been listening to this just because you want to hear us talk about big blue dick? You sick pervert. YOUR WISH IS GRANTED! This is the episode where we’re introduced to a not-flashback Dr. Manhattan, in all his naked glory! And, look, we’re about to tell you more about the episode, but be honest: you’re already in. This is all you wanted.

There’s also some great unhinged Rorschach action, as he decided to bust heads, literally at random, in the hopes someone has info about the Comedian’s murder.

But back to the blue dick… and the infamous threesome scene! Yeah, THAT’S IN THE EPISODE, TOO! So. Many. Blue. DICKS!!

Are you still reading this? Hit play already, you’re not fooling anyone!

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