106 – John Boorman’s Lord of the Rings, Part 7

As Frodo and Sam continue with Gollum toward Mordor, we’re reminded that in 1970, Gollum would have just been an actor in makeup. Stop reading this, close your eyes, and just picture an actor dressed as Gollum. In the movie makeup of 1970. Honestly, how great is that??

Meanwhile, things continue pretty much in line with what audiences will be familiar with from the books and movies… Merry and Pippin discover Gandalf the white, then travel to Rohan to free King Theoden from the influence of Wormtongue, while Aragorn and crew meet up and ride with Eomir. Also, Shadowfax turns up. Yeah, Shadowfax. Gandalf rides around on Shadowfax. Why do I keep saying Shadowfax? I HAVE NO IDEA.

All told, this is a lot more normal than what we’ve come to expect, but we’re pretty confident that it’s going to take a turn soon.

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