92 – Indiana Jones and the Monkey King, Part 1

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Shawn, Josh and Jeff are reading a pre-Last Crusade Indy 3 script, and right out of the gate, Chris Columbus gives us the most-unlike-Indy Indiana Jones script you can possibly imagine. In fact, if you were to tell me that he had written a Scooby-Doo movie and just changed all the names, I WOULD BELIEVE IT. In the first 16 pages of this script, there are no less than a dozen Scooby-Doo Tropes… and nothing at all that you would affiliate with Indiana Jones.

So far, this has been one of the most bonkers, mind-twisting scripts we’ve done so far. So give a listen and see if you agree! Then let us know by dropping us a line on Twitter @theTableReads. You can also follow us on Instagram @theTableReads or Facebook at www.facebook.com/tablereads.

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