72 – Shazam, Part 2

It’s part 2 of Shazam, so you know what that means! Captain Marvel [not the Brie Larson character -ed.] makes his big debut, allowing William Goldman to explore the sexual desires of a 15 year old girl for a man described as being 25! Ew!
Aside from the super inappropriate sexual tension, Jenny helps Billy get a grip on his new situation as Earth’s Mightiest Mortal while elsewhere, we meet the children of Sivana, who have the Rowlingest names you ever heard! The transport their father’s remains home in a rather unconventional way.
But don’t worry! Before the end of the episode, we get STILL MORE incredibly discomforting sexualization of a 15-year-old girl! Gah!
It’s like Lolita, if Nabokov thought her behavior was totally normal.